Shulamit helps women and men recover from the effects of stress and trauma so that they can feel good and respond effectively when the crap hits the fan.
In her 17+ years as a professional in the mental health and personal growth field, she has logged thousands of hours helping hundreds of women recover from the effects of stress and trauma in a variety of public and private settings, individually and in groups.
She has specific experience and training supporting women and men who have lived through childhood sexual abuse, domestic violence and sexual assault.
She has also been facilitating classes and training locally, internationally and online for over 17 years.
Shulamit’s professional credentials include a Masters in Counselling and Spirituality and certification as a trainer in both Nonviolent Communication and Focusing.
She is a Registered Social Worker and Registered Yoga Teacher. In addition, she is a certified TAT practitioner and certified Kripalu Yoga Teacher, with formal studies in Yoga therapy.
Shulamit has also taken formal studies in Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, Wicca, Paganism, and Women’s Spirituality.


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