The dangers of social media and divorce

The dangers of social media and divorce

In this digital age most people have some form of social media. Sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are intertwined into our existence and many people use them to share many aspects of their lives.

While social media can be great for keeping up with friends and family it opens a whole can of worms for people facing a separation or divorce. Depending on how long you were with your ex you may have years of photos and memories archived online that you would now rather forget. What you post can also affect divorce proceedings in a way that was not possible in days before social media.  

Here are a few tips on how to handle social media when going through a separation or divorce.

Enlist help

Get a friend to come over and help you curate your social media profiles. Delete friends you no longer want to keep in touch with and un-tag yourself from photos with your ex. Depending on how riddled your social media is with posts about your relationship you may want to de-activate the account altogether and start fresh. This can be a great way to ensure that memories don’t pop up on your feed that make you feel bad about your divorce.

Change your privacy settings

Ensure that your settings are set to private so that people you don’t know can’t see what you post. Lawyers will use information from social media to sway divorce settlements and custody rights so you want to make sure they can’t access any posts that might work against you in some way or another.

Be careful what you post

Blocking your ex and changing your privacy settings may not be enough to keep unwanted eyes off your online presence. Because of this it is important than you watch what you post carefully to make sure your ex and their representation can’t find any information they can use against you in the divorce proceedings.

Trashing your ex online and posts involving substances or other partners can be used to support claims of unfit parenting. Posting a new flashy car can affect the ruling of a judge regarding alimony payments. Before you post ask yourself these questions:

  • What does this photo or comment say about me or my situation?
  • Could it affect my divorce claims?
  • Is it really worth posting?

Always remember to golden rule: When in doubt don’t post.

Get off social media

It might be a good idea to get off social media entirely during your divorce proceedings especially if you don’t trust yourself not to post in emotional and stressful times. You can always start fresh with a new account once the dust has settled and the divorce is finalized. The inconvenience of not having Facebook at your fingertips is worth the piece of mind that nothing online will hinder the outcome of your divorce.

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