Melissa Lafreniere MA, RP, QFAS, is a registered psychotherapist, family relationship professional/child specialist and family mediator-arbitrator who specializes in the development of child-focused parenting plans for separating couples.

With over 20 years of clinical experience, Melissa knows how important it is for each client to feel heard and validated. This is why she strives to create meaningful and thoughtful connections with all of her clients while simultaneously keeping them focused on moving forward. Melissa helps her clients (individuals or couples) to manage their emotions, navigate the divorce process and supports them to prioritize their long term interests over positions.

As a seasoned child and family therapist, Melissa further supports separating families to create new co-parenting relationships. This is done by exploring and identifying common ground between parents as well as focusing on the development of new ways of communicating/interacting with each other. Melissa works with both parents to achieve a smooth transition from what was once a spousal relationship to one that is focused on co-parenting.

Melissa’s priority throughout the entire process is to minimize the impact of this life change on the children and to ensure that they are well adjusted and thriving long after the settlement has been reached. With this specific goal in mind and in the role of a Child Specialist, she is also available to complete formal and informal Voice of the Child (VOC) reports for separating parents who are looking to gain a deeper understanding of the impact of their separation on their child(ren).


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