Iain Detchon is a certified home inspector serving all of Eastern Ontario. A paramedic by trade, Iain started 911 Home Inspection Services because he wanted to start his own business and was drawn to the world of real estate because of a background in construction. His ambitious nature allowed him to complete the Carson-Dunlop Home Inspection course, which is the gold standard of home inspection certifications in Ontario.

Iain is registered with the Ontario Association of Certified Home Inspectors and is constantly updating his knowledge through continuing education. His flexible hours allow him to tailor his services to the needs of his clients and the time-sensitive nature of the real-estate industry.

Iain’s paramedic training helps him make his clients feel comfortable and at ease. He loves being a home inspector because it allows him to help people in a different way than he does as a medical professional. His clients are his number one priority and he will never overlook something just to seal a deal. Iain is reliable and passionate about educating his clients about what it most likely the largest purchase of their lives.


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